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cosmeticos br is a business portal from and to the personal care industry, cosmetics and fragrances. It is published daily in Portuguese and English, with a weekly e-news highlighting news, products launches and article or interview of the week.

It is a bilingual B2B so that companies can do business with each other. See more in About Us.

We offer 3 types of ads:

Oferecemos 3 Modalidades de Anúncios:

Rotating Banner
In this format the company appears at the top of the home page and other pages in Portuguese and English portal. The banner ad may  present movement, at the Animated Gif or Flash format.

The banner can either take the user to the company's page as to the company's page on cosmetics br - in Portuguese and English. This page summarizes the information and proposals of the company, exhibiting its contacts, values and / or product lines and is in charge of the company provide it to cosmeticos br in both languages.

The rotating banner advertiser has a Logo / Seal (100x70 pixels) sent during the ad period in the weekly Newsletter of the website. It is exhibited to the professional audience directly in the mailbox of cosmetics br  readers. When clicked, the Logo / Seal redirects the user or to the main page of the website of the advertiser company, or to the advertiser's own page on  cosmeticos br, as described above.

The Logos or Seals appear in constant motion at the end of all portal pages. Your links lead to the homepage of advertisers.Each advertiser of this Logo is highlighted in the Companies page (Finished Product, Supplier or importer). Its information is enabled as well as its related products, between commas, presented in an exclusive page of the portal.
Every time someone writes an active in our 'Search', all the companies that offer that product are shown. However, only the contacts of the advertisers are displayed.

Logo at the center of Content pages
New type of Ad on cosmetics br, for final product companies, importers and distributors or suppliers.
Or, yet, to diverse companies who wish to provide products and services for companies in the cosmetics industry, such as: Hospitality companies, travel agencies, among others.

To advertise click here, and let us a mensage. We will contact you.