November 18 2015 Campaigns

Carlsberg launches product for mustaches and helps foundation for men's health

After the launch of the brand of cosmetics male Beer Beauty, the Carlsberg Danish brewery now brings to market a kit with three new products, whose income will be entirely donated to the Movember Foundation, an institution that invests in men's health.


It were launched shaving gel, after shave and a cream for the mustache. Like the first products, the formulas include ingredients such as oils, antioxidants and antibacterial acids made of the hop used in beer production. Each bottle comes with a lyophilized Carlsberg - ie dehydrated, but with all flavor, which should entice the user to take a real beer.

Movember Foundation is an institution that invests in four focus areas for the impact on human health: prostate cancer, testicular, mental health (for depression) and physical inactivity, and that challenges men to wear mustaches for 30 days helping this way to divulge and raise funds for the movement.

The new kit products costs 61.15 euros and can be found on the company website.

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