March 16 2016 Campaigns

Natura launches new campaign that celebrates the living beauty

Natura has new campaign institutional: "Live your Beauty Live" that reinforces its positioning and brand essence and that will mark the communication of the company in 2016. This is the first creation of advertising agency Africa for the brand.

The film points out that the perfect beauty does not exist and advocates a concept of fluid beauty without rules and stereotypes. "For Natura, the beauty is not unique or unchangeable. It changes all the time, is alive. In a world where beauty is often seen as definitive, we seek the beauty of the movement. In a world where beauty can imprison, we seek the beauty that liberates, "says Denise Figueiredo, director of brand and consumer Natura.

Since 1992, Natura conversation with women of all ages to understand the background which the relationship of each one with beauty. In 1996, Chronos brand launched the manifesto "Mulher Bonita de Verdade" - Truly Beautiful Woman -, which points out that beauty should be free of bias and manipulation, and innovated by presenting a starry campaign for "real women", not professional models.

"Natura is proud to be who it is. So we went to seek for inspiration in its essence and in its mission; in the commitment she has with the beauty, with pleasure and the sustainability. And above all, we seek inspiration in the belief that beauty and truth should be together, always, "said Nizan Guanaes, founder of Africa and one of the creators of the campaign.

The film will be shown in open and closed TV in versions 30 and 60 seconds. The campaign will also feature online media in large portals and offline, including out of home in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

The message of the film says the following::

The consumer society tries to convince you
that there are miracle products,
which promises just the perfect beauty.
Let's be honest:
Basically, everyone knows that beauty is not perfect and unique.
There are several thousands and imperfect.
Beauty is only beautiful because it changes all the time.
Live your beauty is to go along their times and moments
the way you are, the way you want.
Live your truth.
Live your essence.
Live your living beauty.

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