April 06 2016 Campaigns

Natura SOU has new advertising action for new sales channel and beauty without waste

Natura launched yesterday, in the break of the main TV soap Opera at the main Brazilian TV chanel, its new TV campaign for its line SOU, of products for hair, body and bath, pointing for the care with beauty, free from excesses and focused on what really matters. The campaign marks a new phase of SOU line, which also expands its purchasing channel, highlighting the arrival to pharmacies. And it emphasizes the company's position with "Viva Sua Beleza Viva" (something like Live your Alive Beauty) Communication movement.

Since March, the line's products are found in the drugstore network Raia Drogasil throughout the state of São Paulo. In July, the brand will reach all the 1,200 stores of the group in the country. The project is part of the Natura's plan to expand access to its brand with initiatives that provide consumers new experiences with their products, in synergy with the direct sales channel.

The communication strategy has film to opened and closed TV and street furniture , but is the digital channel that adds strength to the campaign, where there are initiatives that invite to reflection on beauty, waste and new ways to consume. Creation is the DPZ & T and production of Alice Filmes. According to Rafael Urenha, Chief Creative Officer of DPZ & T, the campaign opens a new way of Natura communicate itself, provoking questions, generating reflection and promoting dialogue about our relation to beauty and with consumption through relevant and humorous content. "The highlight of this project was to present the brand in a more close format, establishing a direct connection to the consumer," explains Urenha.

"SOU is a line that offers a new way of consuming because it takes care of skin, hair and beauty of each, giving up the excesses. The brand caters to women who seek to live in a lighter way, with more practicality in day to day and that wants to make choices with purpose. Is a lifestyle, with pleasure, quality and lower environmental impact, "says Denise Figueiredo, Natura brand director.

The whole production process was designed to make the most of the brand concept, of packaging with 70% less plastic to the formulas without dye and with less ingredients. "The line represents a choice with meaningful to own selves and to the world with products that impact the environment less and offer daily care, in a pleasant and uncomplicated way," says Denise.

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