May 31 2019 Central Highlights

Alan Oliveira, executive director of Brazilian Kimberlite Clay: "The gretest differential of BKC clay is its mineralogical composition, with more than 63 essential minerals."

Kion Cosmetics brand is a São Paulo cosmetics brand with products  provided by the clay from BKC - Brazilian Kimberlite Clay company, which discovered the clay deposits in the Brazilian Cerrado, in Corguinho - MS, in 2015. On the following year it was taken to the Beauty World Middle East, the most important cosmetics fair in the Middle East and the success of clay - rare  and  of superior quality - led the company to export it and to participate in other international fairs. Today BKC supplies white, red and black clays to the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Thailand Russia, United Kingdom and United States. From raw material suppliers to cosmetic producers was the natural consequence and in November 2018, BKC created the brand Kion Cosmetics, already present in these same markets and in South America.


1 - What products does the Kion brand produce and for which segments? All based on Kimberlite clay?

BKC - Brazilian Kimberlite Clay - has already developed more than 120 product formulas where the main asset is Kimberlite clay. Today Kion Cosmetics has 15 products for facial, body and hair lines.


2 - In what way, with what technology is this clay used in cosmetics?

Currently the clay is extracted from the quarry with wooden shovels, manually. Then it is destined to an outsourced company, Microservice, to enter into the beneficiation process, namely: grinding, drying, sterilization, heavy metal control and packaging. After processing, without addition of radiation or any other component, the clay goes to the laboratory in the form of powder to be added to the formulations of the cosmetic products.


3 - Kion Cosmetics has a clay-based serum unique. Why one do not make a serum with clays and why could this serum be made with clay?

Kion was the first global company to launch Facial Serum anti-aging with clay. Other companies had difficulty producing clay-based serum because the clays on the market do not have the same flexibility and elasticity as the BKC clay. This serum, besides containing the rarest clay in the world, contains bioactive assets, imported exclusively for its production. And the combination of these actives makes Kion Cosmetics's Serum unique, of better performance and effectiveness.


4 - Do you outsource the production of cosmetics or does BKC have its own production plant?

At the moment we work in an outsourced basis. We conclude that this is the best strategy for the coming years.


5 - Kion Cosmetics has been in the Brazilian market for how long? And in which countries it actuates in the international market?

We entered the Brazilian market in November 2018 and are in the process of expansion. In the international market we have been present since March 2016. Today exports are made to Russia, England, USA, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Kuwait, Israel and China (Hong Kong).


6 - Is BKC also a supplier of Clay Kimberlito to other brands in the Brazilian cosmetic market, or to international brands?

Yes BKC provides its raw material for companies that value quality and development. We supply clays in Bulks of 15 kilos, for some Brazilian clients and many clients abroad.


7 - What are the differentials of Kimberlite clay that can be used in the production of cosmetics?

The biggest differential is its mineralogical composition, Clay BKC has more than 63 minerals essential for rejuvenation and detox. It has not undergone the addition of chemicals or radiations and is micronized - between 8 and 14 microns - which allows for a greater interaction with the skin.


8 - Is Kimberli clay especially beneficial for facial and also body products?

For any product where it has functions of active or active vehicle. Skin of face or body.



9 - How was the discovery by a São Paulo company on the Cerrado region clay deposits in 2016?

Clay Kimberlito of Brazil was discovered by one of the founding partners of the company in their own lands and where the current company of the group had been doing research for more than two decades in various areas of science.
All Kimberlito Clays have the same unique and special characteristics, by the amount of minerals and by their mineralogical composition in perfect harmony.


10 - What organizations considered Clay Kimberli special?

First of all, our laboratories, then the Bureau Veritas in Canada, the School of Agriculture of the University of Piracicaba - Esalq and USP of São Carlos, one of the main technology centers in the country.


11 - Why are Kimberlite clays considered to be powerful for skin rejuvenation?

Because they present clinical evidence of its benefits. Its natural formation contains more than 100 minerals with high cation exchange, above 130, which makes our clays different from all the existing in the world. Clay Kimberlito do Brasil has a natural and intelligent technology that communicates with the cells by disabling the toxins and replenishing the minerals it contains.


12 - What is the relevance of Clay Kimberlite having Cation Exchange above 130?

This means that it has an extremely speed of action on ion exchange when applied to the skin.


13 - It also contains large amount of  argilominerais (clay minerals) ...

Argilomineral is the technical name used in geology to define minerals consisting of hydrated silicates of aluminum and iron which may contain alkaline elements such as sodium, and potassium and alkaline earth, like calcium and magnesium.


14 - What is the reaction of the people when you take Clay Kimberlito to the  raw materials international fairs?

The reaction is unanimous, everyone get impressed by the quality and results of our clay. Its unique characteristics of action and elements that are formed naturally in its composition.


15 - How does this clay provide a natural antioxidant capacity to the cosmetic?

Acting in the disarmament of existing toxins by the mechanism of absorption and neutralization of free radicals formed in the skin, which are unstable atoms or molecules disrupting the normal functioning of the skin and provoking premature aging.


16 - Can we say then that it is a very versatile material, with possibilities of various applications, adding value to the cosmetics or other products produced with it?

Exactly, Brazilian Clay Kimberlite has over 130 applications in specific cataloged materials. It can be used with nano-polymer hybrid nanocomposites of polymer-clay, in nanometric scale, as a reinforcing agent for organic coatings to increase its mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. It also makes it possible to obtain products tailored to a large number of industrial uses, due to its properties of high Cation Exchange Capacity (CTC), resulting from isomorphic substitutions, combined with its structural features of easiness intercalation of a number of compounds organic and inorganics. It is an extremely versatile and of profile  material suitable for obtaining products or inputs of high added value.


17 - For cosmetics it is known that clay stresses and firm the skin. Does Kion Cosmetics have any products with this characteristic?

All the products of the brand have this characteristic, because the clay Kimberlito is the main ingredient of them. It is natural and has the role of active tensor among other numerous benefits. But Kion Cosmetics's product which contains clay in order to promote greater 'potency' is the Serum Prime.

18 - Is Kion being introduced in the Brazilian market? In what way?

Kion Cosmetics is being introduced in the Brazilian market through social media, e-commerce, kiosks in shopping malls and in all online sales channels in the country.


19 - What is next step for the Kion brand?

The next step will be the launch of Kion Pharma, where the products will be exclusively produced for therapeutic area.