August 23 2019 Central Highlights

Daniel Wjuniski, CEO of Sallve: "More than wanting new products, the public wants to participate in their creation"

1 – Since Sallve is a brand co-created with consumers, is its formula (as a brand) more digital?

Sallve is the first cosmetics brand brazilian  digital native and was born from the meeting of four people who decided to join forces and experiences in product development, digital content, technology and large audiences in order to create high quality products with safe formulas, fair prices and co-created with consumers.


2 - You guys talk about branding in digital content, technology, and large audiences - was this mostly before brand creation? In the consumer consultation phase?

Sallve is more than a digital native brand. It is a place for information exchange on beauty and co-creation with the consumer community and is committed to actively listening and understanding the needs and wants of this audience who perceive skin care as necessary but no longer recognize themselves in a universe full of high standards, rules and high prices. More than just wanting new products, the public wants to participate in their creation and by directing the conversation, can - and should - have much more information to test and choose new options to insert in their daily lives. So far, Sallve has listened and talked to over 260,000 people.


3 - Since the brand is vegan, sustainably produced, of the highest quality, with safe and clinically tested formulas - the fundamental standard for launching a brand today - what is the brand differential and exactly what does  mean  a  digital native brand? 

The skin care routine is complex and often confusing, requiring time and money. That's why Sallve wants to democratize access to products and information to help people make the best choices, in a quiet and accurate manner, by offering fair price performance through a model where selling, creating and communicating will be done exclusively through digital channels, eliminating any intermediary that might compromise the final price.


4 – Since when is the brand being developed? it were conducted surveys with consumers, but were they also considered market research?

The project started in October (2018) and quantitative and qualitative research was conducted with the skincare consuming community. So far, we've listened to over 260,000 people through our digital channels and surveys.


5 - Juliana Shor has experience in large companies, but her background does not include chemistry or pharmacy. Was the development done through an outsourced company? Which one?

Juliana Shor has over 15 years of experience in marketing and product development, and on her team is Carlos Praes, Sallve's responsible chemist and R&D leader, who is also Chairman of the ITEHPEC Scientific Council. We work with the largest suppliers of raw materials in Brazil and in the world to develop our products.


6 - What is the price positioning in relation to other quality brands?

Our products have the most affordable dermocosmetic performance. Our Moisturizing Antioxidant (which contains Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Resveratrol) costs 89.90, more than 50% less than competing dermocosmetics available on the market.


7 – Is it known that the brand sought inspiration or that there was research in Korea, where there are more than 10 beauty routine procedures and Sallve's proposal is to simplify the skin care routine against the Asian side? How's that?

Our inspiration for product creation comes from what the community itself asks for in terms of skin care, so the proposal to simplify the routine.


8 – In a market still dominated by 7 holdings owned by 182 brands that control distribution channels and gondolas. What space does Sallve seek to enter the cosmetic market?

We have agility and active listening and seek constant direct communication with our community to co-create products with this audience, which enables us to offer assertive solutions, with great performance and fair price. We believe that this space has not yet been explored by the market and we are proud to be pioneers in adopting this position.


9 - Why does Julia Petit, who has extensive experience in makeup, participate in this project to launch a skin care brand?

Julia Petit is a publicist and content creator with over 10 years of experience in the internet market and is a reference not only in the beauty market as a whole but also in fashion and lifestyle. During the years of activity of the site Petiscos, which she founded, had the opportunity to hear hundreds of thousands of people, their needs and desires about skin care products and was sure that this is a market that still has many possibilities. for the creation.


10 – Has the idea of fair price performance, non-brokering to lower prices, and proprietary digital channels ever been tested? What about the distributors? How not to compromise the final price?

We work only through our own channels so that we can keep the final price within our price positioning.