March 25 2004 Markets

Exportations – A Record Trade Surplus

In five years the Brazilian exportations of Personal Hygienic, Perfumery and Cosmetics sector has given an expressive jump. The trade surplus reached 102,7% from 1998 to 2002, while the imports decreased 48,9% in the same period. The vigorous increase of the sector’s exportations presented the best performance on the Brazilian economy, compared to several Brazilian economic groups: basic products (13,9), Partly Manufactured and Manufactured Products in general (13,0).

In 2003, the exportation efforts of the Personal Hygienic Perfumery and Cosmetics sector were rewarded with a growth of 18,81% against 2002, reaching US$ 224,334m. The import has registered a value of US$ 142m, around 4% less than the previous year, which has also presented fall. The trade surplus of 2002 was of US$ 42,057m, and in 2003 was of US$ 80,459m, an increase of 91,30%.

Soaps (increased 53% in relation to 2002), skin care products and sun products (46%) and deodorants (42%), were the products that presented best performance on exportations. Perfumery registered an expressive growth (30%), like hair products (28%), which are the Abihpec´s bet for 2004 – Brazilian Association of Personal Hygienic, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry. The make up segment (which has increased 146% over 2002) causes proud, as far as it starts to become competitive worldwide.

Impelled by Abihpec and by Apex-Brasil – Brazilian Promotion and Exportation Agency, the Brazilian presence on international fairs, like Cosmoprof Bologna, NACDS Marketplace, in San Diego, and the Middle East Gulf Beauty, in Dubai, at the end of April, shall raise the exports of the segment to values upper to US$ 260m.

Not bad for a segment that has started a movement of publicizing and promoting its exports less than four years ago. At start were only eight companies participating of the trade missions abroad, today there are more than 120. With enthusiasm and decision, they have participated of lectures and workshops to present their products and companies to the external markets ‘comme il faut’.

Industry and Trade Development Minister, Luiz Fernando Furlan, a specialist on exportations, says at the industry’s annual report – another important tool on the increase to exportations, sponsored by Abihpec e and Apex-Brasil - that the sector is strategic to the Brazilian economy, because it involves products of high value aggregate, production and commercialization modern methods, elaborated substances from the chemical sector, with emphasis on Brazilian design. 

A Apex-Brasil supports technically and financially Abihpec in actions such as: knowing markets, qualifying the companies, adjust products and process, harmonizing the Sanitary Legislation, amplifying the credit lines and participating of international fairs to increase trade between countries.

See on Interview the Abhipec´s president speaking about the exportation effort of the sector, with a project that involves a group of 130 entrepreneurs that travels to distant countries, promising to the trade balance of the sector.