May 15 2020 Central Highlights

Suffered nails in the quarantine deserve treatment and beautification

Never before have women had their hands and nails so badly treated, whether due to the excessive use of water and soap or alcohol gel, products most used to combat COVID-19, or due to the domestic tasks that they now have to attend to in the face of the quarantine we live in.

The work doubled, with the professional tasks now developed at home in a home office scheme, added to the work at home, and family, among the many other daily activities that have accumulated. Thus, hand care - and nails in particular, can be cared only when is possible, since time has become a luxury item, not always accessible.

cosméticos br has already dealt with hand care in April (The time and the turn of hand creams!). Nails are a separate issue. In addition to breaking with the use of hands for so many and not always mild home tasks, they can to came out problems of dryness, defoliation, or even diseases, such as mycoses. In addition, nowadays nail care products are so sought after that it is not difficult they are lacking in supermarkets and pharmacies..

The idea is to keep the nails in a reasonable state even to improve the mood. After all we are girls ... What minimally vain woman does not miss a manicure? Women, especially those who work outside the home, feel why hands - and well-manicured nails - speak.

One of the main problems in these quarantine times is the dryness of the cuticles. The dermatologist and cosmiatry specialist Alberto Cordeiro explains that "the most important thing is to moisturize the cuticles every day, after washing your hands, always focusing  on passing the moisturizing cream on the nail bed, where the cuticle is located." For the issue of nails to  defoliate, the dermatologist says that "nails can defoliate for various reasons, not only due to lack of hydration, but also due to emotional, hormonal disorders or even fungal infections". He also remembers  to the possible issue of ringworm: "As a result of the quarantine, our current excess of contact with water, whether due to hand washing or domestic services, leaves the nail wetter."


Granado has the SOS Cuticles Perfect Pink promotes the renewal and immediate hydration of the cuticles, provides shine and softness from the first application. It is enriched with Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E.


O Boticário has a complete combo for the treatment of hands, nails and feet, with Cuide-se Bem Mani & Pedi, which includes: moisturizing cream for feet, softener for cuticle, moisturizer for cuticle and strengthening of nails.

L´Occitane has Mandacaru Nail and Cuticle Oil to hydrate and soften cuticles.


Colorama (L´Oréal) has a line of essential and long-lasting care, with five items to use before and after applying the nail polish, with Nail Strengthener, Setim Base, Colorless, Drying Oil and Extra Shine.

The strengthener (Fortalecedor), which is what matters here, contains Provitamin B5, Dexpanthenol and Panthenol and protects with a film to keep nails stronger and healthier. The base is another protection item, to be used before the enamel. The base of the brand contains Panax Ginseng Root Extract.

Colorama also has a 4 in 1 Color Intensifying Cover that is used by 4 out of 5 manicurists. Ensures more vibrant and intense color, increased shine, quick drying of the enamel and long lasting color and shine. The formula combines volatile silicones with a transparent resin and technology of violet agents.

From the same brand, the Nutribase line is enriched with ceramides and nourishing actives to make nails healthier and more resistant. Pro-Fortalecimento Nutribase contains ceramides, fluorine and calcium. Its formula is free of the main potentially allergenic ingredients (5Fre): formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin and camphor.

Vult has a moisturizing complex specifically formulated for nails, which is vegan and cruelty-free. Its formula 5Fre (contains birch water, glycerin and aloe vera extract. According to the company, this allows nails to be up to 90% more protected, hydrated and well cared for.


Within the Impala Pro Professional Enamel line, the brand Impala has the Vitamin Base, with D-Panthenol and Vitamin E, and offers antioxidant properties. Provides protection and hydration. It also has the Base Bomba Impala Cuidados Especiais,which prevents weak nails from chipping, peeling or breaking, as well as helping with nail growth and strengthening. The treatment line, as well as its enamels, does not contain toluene, formaldehyde and dibuteylfatalate.

From Revlon, the Intensive Repair Treatment contains Silk-Silicone, which covers the entire nail surface with a layer of silk proteins.


Natura, which recently returned to the nail polish category, launched a line of vegan, hypoallergenic nail polishes that does not harm the environment. It is produced by Fiabila, specialized in the outsourced production of enamels. The base has hypoallergenic formula, to keep nails strong, resistant and ready to receive the enamel of the line. There are twelve colors - plus Extra Brilho - 9 free (in addition to the 5 Free, parabens, Triphenyl Phosphate TPHP, Ethyl Tosalamide and Xylene) with high coverage, long lasting, quick drying and maximum shine.

An important step to strengthen nails is to leave them without enamel for about two days periodically, in addition to abusing the moisturizing cream, which can be mixed with almond oil, chestnuts or another one, to nourish, hydrate and increase elasticity. the nail, preventing them from breaking.