June 02 2020 Central Highlights

Facial masks evolve towards the treatment category

. The benefits of facial masks gain greater emphasis and are recognized as a treatment.

. The segment continues to rise globally and also in the Brazilian market.


Over the past few years, claims about the benefits of facial masks have moved away from the traditional emphasis on cleansing properties to a greater emphasis on tangible skin-enhancing benefits.

Observation of consumer behavior suggests that this trend is driven by an increased interest in masks as vehicles for the improving of the skin appearance . Increased awareness of the anti-aging ingredients present in traditionally applied skin care products increases the demand for masks that combine skin treatment with a scientific foundation to the holistic aspirations of traditional mask formats.

Thus, the segment of facial masks keeps on the rise globally and also in the Brazilian market. It is worth mentioning that in current times we have consumers who are increasingly concerned with their physical and mental health and who are looking for cosmetics with superior performance and surprising sensory benefits, always linked to the specific care of several types of Brazilian skin.

With the country's mostly tropical and subtropical climate, light sensory is one of the requirements that the Brazilian consumer market values. There is a growing demand for highly effective products that bring the feeling of skin care and well-being and that are easy and quick to use, such as masks.

Premium category

The category of products for general skin care is experiencing a phase of "premiunization" and the treatment masks represent the enhancement of the category of facial masks. As with skin care products, the well-informed and connected consumer is willing to invest more for solutions that meet her aspirational and effectiveness goals. With treatment masks, there is finally a beauty regime that combines scientifically based skin treatment with the holistic aspirations of a spa.

Drawing on its experience in active ingredients and sensory spheres, Evonik, multinational of specialty chemicals, is helping brands to leverage this product category with the concept-trend that includes six inspirational guiding formulations:

. Intensive Under Eye Peel-Off Mask revitalize stressed skin by improving skin hydration and under eye dark circle appearance thanks to the combination of ROVISOME® F.E.C. and TEGO® Pep UP.
. Rejuvenating Overnight Lip Mask offers endless protection by helping to fight against environmental assaults and retain moisturization with use of Ceramide III B and AquaPront®.
. Naturally Refreshing Mask for Age-less Skin promotes natural hydration for more radiant skin, with the combination of TEGO® Turmerone and TEGO® Natural Betaine.
. Age Defense Sleeping Facial Mask helps to reverse the action of time, redefining "skin age" through the combination of HYACARE®, HYACARE® 50, Skinmimics® and ROVISOME® Q 10 NG.
. Ultra Hydrating Milk Sheet Mask brings the spa home, to energize the skin, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, thanks to HYACARE®, TEGO® Cosmo C 100 and AquaPront®.
. Urban Warrior Charcoal Mask cares about what really matters for acne-prone skin, helping to purify the skin with the use of Phytosphingosine for a detox effect.


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