June 19 2020 Central Highlights

Professional beauty brands support closed beauty salons during the pandemic - salons in São Paulo should reopen on the 1st Jully

The new scenario caused by Covid-19, in which the market had to adapt to the various measures imposed by the Government and the World Health Organization (WHO), among them the determination to close beauty salons throughout Brazil, caused the almost total decrease in beauty services.

Who works in this area awaits a release on the 26th, when São Paulo´s governor João Doria announces change in the classifications (phases) of the cities. However, the reopening should occur in fact from day 1 and gradually, according to the column of Sonia Racy, of the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

According to José Augusto Santos, president of the Brazilian Association of Salons in Brazil, about 15 thousand salons closed definitively in SP. Hairdresser Wanderley Nunes, who employs 700 people, has a ready-made video teaching the new protocol, which he said to the newspaper, owes nothing to salons in countries like Germany, New York and London in terms of requirements. He is advising Sebrae to help with the sector's resumption protocols. (See here)

Meanwhile, several groups are trying to help this contingent of professionals who were left without work and who started to attend home - which can be reckless, without complying with security protocols. The Alfaparf Group, Keune Haircosmetics, L´Oréal and its Coty brand, Inoar and Simple Organics brands of professional hair and nail products created mechanisms to support salons.

The Alfaparf Group launched the #apoieabeleza campaign, which brings together several initiatives to support beauty professionals in this period of resumption. According to the company, the production and commercialization of professional products also fell, "even with the alternatives of e-commerce, B2B and B2C, as is the case with Alfaparf, everyone needed to reinvent and innovate immediately."

"The campaign aims to reach the largest number of professionals involved in the beauty sector, be they hairdressers, salon owners, shopkeepers, brands and industries, forming a great support and solidarity network," says Julia Alves, Marketing director of the professional division of the Alfaparf Group.

Meanwhile, to technically support these professionals, the group launched videos, posts and lives with its ambassadors and educators from the brands of the professional division, Alfaparf Milano and Yellow, on digital media with weekly content, where the focus is on education, be it technical , artistic or managerial, in addition to stimulating the interaction of followers.

"The digital project has worked and we will undoubtedly keep and evolve with it after the pandemic, as we know that returning to work will not be an easy task", says Julia.

With this, the brand launched two more initiatives to support professional hairdressers with a focus on the post-pandemic period: Kit #apoieabeleza and Beauty Collab. The #apoieabeleza Kit sends brand clients a Service Kit, consisting of basic products for the treatment and coloring of the Alfaparf Milano and Yellow brands, in addition to alcohol gel and a pack of disposable masks. And the Beauty Collab provides three Technical Centers (SP, RJ and BH capitals) for professionals who, due to the pandemic, lost their space to serve their customers. "We will offer a place with a complete structure that will follow all the safety guidelines of  WHO and the Brazilian Association of Beauty Salons."

"What we want now as a company is for the professional to feel welcomed and see the Alfaparf Group as a partner and to have confidence in the midst of this scenario that is so worrying and with so many uncertainties, says the group's marketing director.


Keune Haircosmetics which started in Holland, in April, with the Support Your Salon platform, gained repercussions in Brazil and ends this month, on the 30th. The platform #EuAjudoMeuSalao, which uses coupons sold and reverted to hairdressers brand partners, was created to minimize the impact and strengthen the future resumption of beauty salons, generating union of the sector across the country.

The platform, available at http://www.supportyoursalon.keune.com.br, allows consumers to locate the nearest favorite salon in their city for the purchase of vouchers (R $ 50, R $ 100, R $ 200 and other values) tobe slaughtered in the final value of products purchased or services provided by registered salons in the period of resumption of activities, in addition to competing for sweepstakes in treatment products and finishers, the consumer gains exclusive hydration from Keune. Coupon draws will take place on July 3, on the brand's official Instagram (@keunebrasil).

"We are very happy with the result of the campaign, as we had a significant adhesion from partner salons, where many managed to sell more than R $ 3000 in vouchers to their customers", comments Silmara Perla Oliveira, Keune's Director of Marketing and Training in Brazil.

In a month of the active platform, in Brazil, the feeling is welcoming. Hairstylist Guto Leça, from Espaço Guto Leça Hair & Spa, in Rio de Janeiro, says he feels "welcomed and valued by the support he has received from customers" during the moment. Claudia Luquet, from Blush Hair says: "It is a moment that shows the need to support each other and face this phase in a pleasant way."

The concern of Simple Organic, a Brazilian brand of organic, vegan, natural, cruelty-free and genderless cosmetics, was the makeup artists and hairdressers, impacted by the reduction of work and income, Then created an action in which it will financially support the Beauty People Group , a group formed by about 15 workers in the sector.

Part of the value of the vesting will be reverted to professionals during the pandemic, through the BEAUTYPEOPLE coupon, to be used in your e-commerce. With it, 10% of the total purchase amount will be passed on to the group of makeup artists and hairdressers. People who use the coupon will still have a 10% discount.
The Beauty People Group was designed by makeup artists and hairdressers to disseminate beauty content on social networks, giving visibility to partner brands and thus creating an alternative income for participating workers.

Colorama (L´Oréal) joined the beauty service voucher sale project, Beleza Amiga, created by L'Oréal Produtos Profissional to minimize the impact of the new coronavirus containment measure on beauty salons. The entry of the brand aims to attract and incorporate nail polishes from all over the country on the platform.

"Manicures are essential for Colorama, as are its clients and, in addition to being present in beauty salons, they are the protagonists of nail polishes. In this time of seclusion, it is important for us that they are supported and safe in some way, and its inclusion in Beleza Amiga comes against this ", says Maria Belens Torrens, director of the Colorama brand.

In just over a month of its launch, there are already more than 2 thousand beauty salons registered at www.belezaamiga.com.br, where it is possible to buy vouchers of R $ 50 to use until December 31, 2020 in services provided by beauty salons and enamels listed, after reopening. In addition to discounting the voucher value on beauty services, consumers receive a discount coupon of the same value, R $ 50, to be used when purchasing products from the L'Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase and Redken brands on the website www.segredosdesalao.com .br, until June 30, 2020.

The initiative is part of L'Oréal Brasil's solidarity action plan to support Brazilians in the fight against Covid-19 and has the Trinks application, for online management and scheduling for salons, and Stone as partners, and Sebrae and Associação Brazilian Beauty Salon (ABSB) as supporters. The platform passes on the amount sold in full to beauty salons and nail polishes, without discounting fees and commissions.

"Like the hairdressers, our historical partners, manicures are essential for beauty salons. At this moment when it is so important to support the professional market, having Colorama with us on the platform demonstrates the union that we should all have", says the director general manager of L'Oréal Professional Products, Tiago Carvalho.

Website: www.belezaamiga.com.br

Inoar Cosméticos wants to offer a chance to start again for beauty professionals who have been experiencing difficulties in this difficult period, and invites professionals to participate in the initiative # RecomeçoInoar. To participate, just publish a photo that summarizes the feeling of returning to work, using the hashtags # RecomeçoInoar #InoarBrasil and # BelezaSolidáriaInoar; mark @ (professional to receive the kit), and @inoarbrasil and @ belezasolidaria.inoar; the professional should follow @inoarbrasil and @ belezasolidaria.inoar on Instagram. Photos must be posted between the 19th and the 26th of June. The selection of winners will be made by a jury composed by Inoar's Marketing and Design teams. (Look here)