September 15 2020 Markets

Rohto Mentholatum brings Melano CC to the country

Melano CC, a cosmetics brand based on vitamin C in Japan has just arrived in the country, brought by Rohto Mentholatum, a subsidiary of the Japanese-American group of products for health and cosmetics.

Melano CC focuses on revitalizing and unifying the skin, with excellent sales results in Japan and other Asian countries.

The products have a patented formula, including nanotechnology to encapsulate pure Vitamin C, keeping it stabilized to act on melanocyte cells and deep layers of the skin, keeping it protected against oxidizing agents, preventing wrinkles and expression signs.

The first two products to land in the country are suitable for all skin types: Melano CC, a concentrated serum that has been the leading seller for 4 years in Japan Essence and Melano CC Lotion Moist, a whitening facial lotion formulated with pure and derived Vitamin C.

Both products lighten and evens out skin tone. Melano CC Essence, has an almost liquid texture, with a mild citrus fragrance and also contains Vitamin E which, in combination with Vitamin C, promotes an antioxidant action. Inhibits inflammation caused by acne and redness, as the active ingredients in the formula also help to balance oiliness and minimize enlarged pores.

The Melano CC Lotion Moist lotion also has a fluid texture and is an adjuvant in controlling oiliness and enlarged pores. The company says its technology is effective in reducing acne, relieving inflammation and reducing redness. Contains Vitamin E, Grapefruit Extract and Citrus Extract of Lemon.

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