September 18 2020 International

Costa Brazil takes the Fifi Innovation Award with Breu Resin

This week Costa Brazil, a sustainable luxury cosmetics brand focused on Brazilian actives, created by Brazilian designer Francisco Costa, former creative director of Calvin Klein, received the Innovative Product of the Year Award, with Costa Resina de Breu at the 48th edition of the Fragrance Foundation Awards, an American award that every year honors fragrances, packaging and perfumers that stood out in the year.

It is no small feat for a brand launched two years ago and with sustainable proposals: free of animal tests, vegan and without toxic ingredients in its formulations (such as parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and dyes). Above all, the brand legally extracts ingreedients from the forest - through partnerships between native farmers and small producers.

The sustainable footprint and responsibility for the environment come from Francisco's belief that the spirit of beauty is inseparable from the health of the land. But there is much more to the brand, starting with the winning product. The Breu resin is for Francisco, a passionate ingredient, used for centuries to increase the tranquility, focus and balance of the 6th chakra, promoting the elevation of the spirit, improving mood and mental clarity, illustrates the brand's website.

It was among native peoples of Acre, more precisely from the Yanomani tribe that the fashion designer from Minas Gerais, Francisco Costa, met the Breu, which drips from the bark of the Almacega tree trunk. Burnt releases a complex, woody aroma of rich earth and wrinkled leaves that helps to purify and restore harmony in an environment.

The award-winning product, Resina de Breu is presented in a simple metal packaging, but with Francisco's extreme good taste, containing resin Breu stones and a heat-resistant ceramic tray. After lighting the flame, it is blown or ventilated, so that it then emits burning and perfumed smoke. Ready. It is done the magic that took one of the most coveted prizes at the awards is done, in which the largest perfume companies in the world participate.

“The rainforest welcomes you. There is a force there that guides you. I call it clarity, ” says the artist / entrepreneur on the brand's website.

Breu is the main ingredient of the 'jungle complex' triad formed by cacay oil, rich in antioxidants and Kaya oil (baptized by Francisco), which is the essence of the protein extracted from sapucaia pods, potent in hydration, in addition to Breu, but the formulas for face oil, body cream, body oil also include the active Babaçu oil, Baobá oil, Brazil nut oil, Buriti oil, Camu Camu oil, Cupuaçu butter, Murumuru oil, Patuá oil, Spirulina, Tea Tree oil and Tucumã oil.  

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