October 05 2020 Central Highlights

Kenzo founder dies of complications from COVID-19

Image JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty 

Died yesterday in Paris yesterday of complications from COVID-19 Kenzo Takada, the stylist who created the eponymous fashion house at age 81, said a spokesman for Takada's luxury brand K-3 said in a statement.

In 1970, Takada opened his Jungle Jap store in Paris, which won highlight in renowned fashion magazines, and in 1976 he created his main international fashion store in the city, Place des Victoires. Kenzo was also a pioneer in creating an empire in fragrances, a business that was bought in 1993 by the luxury conglomerate LVMH, before the designer retired to dedicate himself to other creative projects.

"Kenzo Takada was incredibly creative; with a stroke of genius, he imagined a new artistic and colourful story combining East and West -- his native Japan and his life in Paris," Jonathan Bouchet Manheim, CEO of Takada's K-3 brand in January of this year in a statement.

“Kenzo Takada has, from the 1970s, infused into fashion a tone of poetic lightness and sweet freedom which inspired many designers after him,” said Bernard Arnault, chairman and chief executive of LVMH.

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