March 26 2021 Professionals

Renata Lima, R&D Coordinator at Lola Cosmetics: ... scientific studies prove the broad benefit of CBD.

1 - Are the products of the Danos Vorazes line based on Beraca's legal and safe CBD like alternative - the Beracare CBA?

Yes. We always look for natural ingredients aiming at the well-being associated with beauty.

2 - We know that the ingredients of Beracare CBA are 100% natural and that they come from Brazilian biodiversity. But which one can be considered a CBD like?

The synergy between the Amazon oils complex, combined with high extraction technology, provide the same benefits as CBD, making this asset a CDB Like. The proof of effectiveness on the effects on the skin and well-being was obtained through laboratory tests.

3 - What effects does CBD like deliver to the consumer?

The CBA has proven effectiveness in anti-inflammatory action, aid in tissue repair and a feeling of relaxation - being indicated, even, for the most sensitive skins. Promotes skin well-being, acting on tissue repair. And when we apply this asset to the hair, we are bringing all these benefits to the scalp as well, making it healthier.

4 - When Lola Cosmetics decided to face the challenge of the project, did it consider that there could be controversies or some type of fear among consumers? Is there a campaign planned?

Our communication is made through our website and social networks. As we already have the culture and premise of using natural ingredients and respect for human beings and the environment, consumers soon make such an association and trust our products. At the launch of our Hunger Danes line, we announced that CBA is a legal and safe alternative to CBD oil (Cannabidiol). It is a 100% natural, Brazilian and legalized asset. Although the name refers to Cannabidiol, the CBA does not have any component of Cannabis sativa in its formula.

5 - A recent survey by Mintel pointed out that 22% of Brazilians are willing to pay more for sustainable products and 48% are attracted to products with natural ingredients, which are not tested on animals and that genuinely deliver what they promise. Do the concentrations of the products in the Lola's Danos Vorazes line deliver the benefits that a cannabidiol product would deliver?

Sim. A concentração utilizada é definida a partir dos estudos realizados pelo fornecedor que desenvolveu o ativo em questão, pois somente assim é possível obter os benefícios.

6 - Other countries already produce CBD-based cosmetics. Is there any forecast or chance for Anvisa to release cosmetic products based on the real CBD in Brazil?

Now that the release of CBD for medical use, with medical prescription, is already a reality in Brazil, we believe that after this total liberation, the use for the cosmetics industry will come next, as its benefits are many for health and well-being . While the liberation does not occur, we seek such benefits from safe alternatives.

7 - Are there multinational companies operating in the country, whose portfolio includes CBD-based assets in their catalog? And Lola is waiting for the release of CBD by Anvisa for the production of cosmetics?

Yes, there are multinational companies that have this asset in their catalog, but do not sell it in Brazil, as it is not released for cosmetic use.
Yes, we intend to. Because scientific studies prove the broad benefit of CBD.

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