May 19 2021 Retail

Facebook now has Love Shopping Fridays in the United States

Social shopping has become another way of shopping, Facebook launched Live Shopping Fridays, and beauty brands find a new channel to distribute their products.

Live starts on May 21st and, as the name of Facebook's new commercial arm indicates, will run every Friday until July 16th. Shoppers will be able to find their favorite beauty products and ask brands questions in real time.

Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Alleypop and Dermalogica are the first beauty brands to link to the social sales platform. Sephora beauty experts will also be available to share the latest products on the market.

The idea of Mark Zuckerberg's service does not seem to come to nothing as his products have to deal with the current difficulty of tracking user behavior on iOS to show assertive advertising.

To please advertisers or not, the fact is that Abercrombie & Fitch, Dolce Vita, Sephora, ZOX and other brands were invited to test the unprecedented feature on the platform, which mixes a kind of live sales channel with interactivity for those interested to simply stay at one click away from purchase.

Items can be purchased during the entire live stream by touching the products which are being presented, without leaving the application.
Shopping flows will be shown on each brand’s Facebook page or buyers can tune in to the mobile shopping guide.

Instagram started the movement with the checkout feature in 2019. These shopping features have become more sophisticated and now include IGTV checkout options from content creators.

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