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cosméticos br ends activities

Hello dear market readers,  

cosméticos br  ends its activities here. As of this week, today, we no longer produce content for the market. It remains online only until the end of the July. And that is how it has to be after a new open segment and 17 uninterrupted years online. Because life goes on and we are driven to new challenges.

Today B2B (Business to Business) went to B2C (Business to Commerce) among other new modalities. When we inaugurated it, on January 4th, 2004, there was no reference site. Not to say that, there was a German cosmetics website that published news, in its own language and with irregular updates. It was good to find a reference, as this gave us the certainty that the design of cosméticos br was good and had a way ahead.

And it did. But it was necessary to find strong arguments to convince large companies to advertise on it, a market news portal for the market. "Why advertise to our competitors?" the first customer asked us. The first answer was that it was not only national, but entirely produced in English as well and aimed at small and large national and international companies - from final product to retail, through suppliers. The proposal was for interaction between companies in the segment and consequently their strengthening.

Our project included an exclusive and powerful mailing list of professionals and companies in the sector, including retailers, direct selling professionals and franchises. A list of cosmetics, packaging, chemical industries and fragrance companies - a project in collaboration with the design of Usina de Criação. Subsequently complemented with the Central of Business section, a compendium of companies in the market divided by categories. Since its inauguration, we knew that the project would work and it has fulfilled its role over the years. So much so that its concept has multiplied on many cosmetic websites and blogs that will remain advising the market. 

cosméticos br opened doors for many people and played a fundamental role in promoting the Brazilian cosmetics industry, with market data, with the discussion of new categories and products and certainly contributed with precious information for the arrival of some companies in the country. Reliable market information, provided by Abihpec, the industry association, in addition to market research agencies. We also publicize important events, inside and outside the country and all the innovations they brought.

We participated in the Sepawa Congress in Germany, with the theme The Identity of Brazilian Perfumery, at the invitation of our readers in that country, impressed with data from the Brazilian fragrance market exposed in one of our articles. We were also invited - and for three consecutive years - to visit and publicize the Polish cosmetics market and also to participate in the 2006 Cosmoprof Bologna, among other events. In Brazil they were countless, about 2 to 3 a week, for many years. One event better than the other,  because Brazil attracts business and we are competent to create interesting events. 

At the beginning of our activities, large companies still did not have an internet project for their companies and they came up in months. The e-commerce, which no one yet believed, happened. Even the sale of perfumes over the internet was a reality that also started here in Brazil, with another woman, Evelise Britto.

We told many stories and they are all in interviews and articles registered here ... You will have two months to research. The Brazilian cosmetics market had a great impetus to the definitive maturity, not only due to the volume of consumers, as some would say, but it has grown in management by processes, technology, design, innovations, creation and commitment.That was our belief. Our mission has always been to publish this competence  - in portuguese and english.

We have had important and relevant advertisers - in the plural. Starting with Du Pont americana, whose advertising agency found us and advertised - in the plural. Starting with Du Pont America, whose advertising agency found us and advertised at cosméticos br for two semesters. Then came many companies of final product, suppliers, packaging, events ... We have always had on our pages at least one international company advertising, along with national companies throughout these 17 years of life. Because we have won the market's credibility, with serious and responsible journalism. Out of respect for our readers, we chose not to enter into partnerships, in order not to tie our journalistic content to commercial purposes. Our proposal has always been to serve the market. We close now as our publisher and founder has new projects that equally need time and dedication.

But we did publish fables of the Chanel´s marketing, beautiful and richly illustrated, some light and curious information and also stories of people relevant to the market that left this world. Of course we did. They left ideas, work, beauty. We close now when all our dear fellow of journey are active and kicking ...

We would like to thank the top quality press offices that we have in the country and that have always provided us with great support. They almost always found us in a hurry, even too demanding - but for good, to publish the launches or movements of their clients' companies in the best way and at the right time, in our weekly and bilingual newsletters. Fortunately the Brazilian people are wonderfully kind, diligent - from the factory worker to the publicists, businessmen, the technical and administrative personnel of events ... Our human material is fantastic, that's why we went as far as the market. And we will make great progress again, because creativity is the second greatest asset of Brazilians - abundant and atavistic!

Finally, a very big thank you to all of you and also a big virtual hug. We are at the same email - until July. Depois disso o email de nossa editora para qualquer consulta é: 

 cosméticos br

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