quem disse, Berenice? launches emotion-resistant eyelash mask

quem disse, Berenice? lança máscara de cílios resistente a emoções

MakeUp - September 01 2020

The Big Bang eyelash mask, the most successful of [quem disse, berenice?], Hits the market in a water resistant version. To announce the novelty, the brand summoned the pair of singers Simone & Simaria, specialists in emotions. Big Bang brings volume to the look does not blur the makeup and they are experts in speaking to the heart, what goes on over there. Tears of happiness or suffering. In a relaxed way as always, the brand combines its good humor with the fun mood of Simone & Simaria, who in addition to talking about the brand new product and giving makeup tips, will answer questions from the public with weekly themes: series, difficulties and virtual meetings. The news and content will be posted on the proprietary networks and on the artists' personal pages, on Instagram. The singers will also create a playlist, in partnership with [who said, berenice?] With Spotify. The list "To explode feelings without blur the lash mask" will feature the duo's favorite songs for the moments when they need intensity in life and will be available on the brand's profile on the streaming platform. "Winning these partnerships for such a special project, reinforces our mission of allowing all women to express their beauty through makeup and be free to live their emotions in a unique and empowered way", says Renata Gomide, director of marketing and sales . The ultra black Big Bang formula doubles the volume of the lashes with each layer, increasing the look up to 3x *, thanks to the applicator of 400 nylon and fiber bristles with technology that deposits the product evenly between the lashes, guarantees the brand. * result comparable to that of a colorless mask, considering layer = 10 passes of mask across the length of the wires Price: R$64,00 SAC: 0800 726 6482