Mary Kay brings line of moisturizers and body sprays

Mary Kay traz linha de Hidratantes e Sprays Corporais

Body Care - September 03 2020

Mary Kay presents an extension of the At Play ™ line. A dynamic line, which reflects the latest market trends for the brand universe. The unprecedented Mary Kay At Play® Moisturizers and Body Sprays came to accompany all the moments of the young woman who does not give up her well-being, loves to take care of herself, and is perfumed. With this launch, Mary Kay seeks to bring new meanings to the routine, such as perfuming to watch the favorite show, a chat with friends, or even before bed. The moments at home can and should be pleasant, fragrant and refreshing. After all, we can be who we want to be, and do what we want to do. Loaded with authenticity, the Mary Kay At Play® Line Moisturizer and Body Spray arrive in the following fragrances: Friday Feels, a combination of apple blossom, freesia and orange blossom; Weekend Vibes contains pear peel, mango and refreshing florals. As the names suggest, they were created to accompany women every day, taking advantage of their own company. A experiência fresh e surpreendente se torna ainda mais inesquecível por meio da combinação do Hidratante Desodorante Corporal e Spray Corporal da fragrância favorita. À venda com as Consultoras de Beleza Independentes da marca encontradas pelo localizador de Consultora Mary Kay - ou no site: SAC: 0800 16 31 13 @marykaybrasil