O Boticário develops Malbec Flame with ingredient from Sicily

O Boticário desenvolve Malbec Flame com ingrediente da Sicília

Fragrances - September 04 2020

After a trip to China in search of Evodia, an aromatic fruit full of freshness, for the creation of Zaad Go, and a visit to the Caribbean to bring the Butterfly Flower, a flower known for being a symbol of romanticism and daring, the latest destination of O Boticário's adventures was Italy, more precisely, Sicily. For the launch of Malbec Flame, the brand decided to invest in something unusual for the new fragrance: Nerello grapes. Flame brings the grapes that are born on the slopes of the Etna volcano, an active volcano and one of the highest volcanoes in the world, located in the eastern part of Sicily. Nerello grapes are grown in the region's black rocky and basaltic sand soil. All this baggage - the warmth, the robustness, the alchemy of the people who formed Sicilian culture - is translated into the new version of Malbec. An intense and striking fragrance, signed by perfumers Isaas Sinclair and Fanny Gray, from the Symrise fragrance house, the new line brings four items: Cologne Deodorant, Body Spray, Body Spray Dosor Refill and Body Moisturizing Deodorant Lotion. All items are vegan. Malbec Flame consolidates the brand's position in making men more attractive, in this case, due to their strength and self-confidence. It brings the Woody Chypre olfactory family, which combines Patchouli and the intensity of Vetiver that highlights the strength of the woody side of the fragrance. The highlight is the powerful notes made up of Nerello grapes. The result is an impactful and sophisticated fragrance. The Colônia Deodorant brings in the starting notes: bergamot, apple, nutmeg, thyme; in the body notes, mix of peppers, gardenia, orange blossom, rosemary and in the deep notes deep accord Nerello grapes, guaiaco, hazelnut, patchouli, moss, amber, balsamic resins, cashmeran, leather, cedar, vanilla (100ml, R $ 161.90) Accompanying, Moisturizing Deodorant Lotion, which is easy to spread, has fast absorption and protects the skin (200ml, R $ 30.90) and Body Spray Deodorant, whose formula combines a special fragrance for body perfuming, with double active deodorant for protection against perspiration odors (100ml, R $ 25.90) Launches can be purchased without leaving your home and safely in four different channels: on the website www.boticario.com.br, on the app available for Android and iOS versions, through a reseller or via WhatsApp, at the number ( 41) 8771-4909 - real and secure number - or on the device platform. The rules of attendance and availability in each city or region are available on the brand's website. The company created a protocol for stores and dealer spaces that is totally safe for employees and consumers. This includes a series of adjustments, such as the control of the flow of people, delimitation of distance, and reduced service teams. In addition to product placement and even more frequent cleaning of all areas to ensure the safety and health of everyone, both for customers and for our consultants and resellers. SAC: 0800 729 9060