SkinCeuticals complements Blemish line with anti-signal sunscreen for oily skin

SkinCeuticals complementa linha Blemish com protetor solar de ação antissinais para peles oleosas

Sun Products - September 17 2020

SkinCeuticals, American brand of dermocosmetics, brings Blemish UV SPF 50 to the country, a sunscreen that offers advanced anti-oil and anti-signs protection and arrives in the country to compose its line of products for oily skin, Blemish + Age. The product formula brings the Blemish + Age corrective complex, with: dioic acid, salicylic acid, hepes and niacinamide. Together, the four assets help to reduce oiliness and pore dilation. Its continuous use accelerates skin renewal and minimizes fine lines. Its exclusive UV Defense technology combines physical and chemical filters, which provide protection against UVB, UVA and long UVA rays, the most intense rays of midday (UVB), responsible for sunburn, even constant rays, UVA rays, that are often perceived and act especially in more polluted environments. These rays are divided into short, with 320 to 340 nanometers, and long, with 340 to 400 nanometers, the latter representing 30% of what penetrates deeply into the skin and is related to premature aging. Colorless and with a dry touch, the Blemish UV SPF 50 sunscreen is available in e-commerces, large pharmacies and drugstores with a suggested price of R $ 129.90 (40g). You can also find it on DermaClub with exclusive discounts. Instagram: @skinceuticalsbrasil