Lola Cosmetics launches eco-friendly body illuminator

Lola Cosméticos lança iluminador corporal eco-friendly

MakeUp - September 30 2020

Lola Cosmetics, a 100% vegan and cruelty free brand from Rio de Janeiro, has just launched a Be (m) Bronze body illuminator, for all skin types, guaranteeing a golden glow effect all year round and still taking care of the skin, nourishing it and hydrating it. Its mineral origin, the shine of Be (m) said bronze comes from the small shiny particles of mica. Unlike glitter, mica does not accumulate in the oceans and does not harm marine animals. The ingredients in the body illuminator are 100% natural and provide a golden effect similar to a whole day at the beach, with a healthy look. The product guarantees the golden effect as soon as applied to the skin and does not transfer to other surfaces after drying. Its removal can be done with soap and water. SAC / whatsap: 21 97005-9241