Davines brings hair loss treatment line to the Brazilian market with Energizing

Davines traz linha de tratamento para a queda dos cabelos para o mercado brasileiro com Energizing

Hair - September 30 2020

Davines presents a complete preventive treatment to solve scalp problems and fragile hair with loss tendency: the Energizing Family of Naturaltech. Altogether there are five products that make up the family and they can be combined depending on the situation and cause of hair loss. Its formula has a powerful complex created by the laboratories of the Italian brand, Hair Energy Complex that operates on two levels. On the surface, it rebalances the scalp and restores its ideal state through vitamin B3. At the root, it eliminates micro-inflammation with the active green tea extract. The Energizing Shampoo, Gel and Thickening Tonic formulas are characterized by the use of multifunctional active ingredients composed of caffeine phytocutics, combined with sirtuins and beta-glucans. Each of them with a specific function, but in common the same intention: to neutralize the fall of the wires. Caffeine stimulates the cellular metabolism of the scalp favoring tissue oxygenation. Beta-glucans are biological polysaccharides that strengthen immune defense, while sirtuins, also known as "proteins of longevity", perform effective antioxidant and anti-aging action, invigorating and strengthening the scalp, says the company. Energizing Seasonal Superactive has the specific function of paralyzing hair loss due to stress and seasonal factors. It is enriched with the extract of Agastache Mexicana, rich in flavonoids, capable of neutralizing the physical stress that causes inflammation of the scalp. And Energizing Superactive is a stimulating serum designed to stop the fall due to hormonal factors. It is enriched with phytoceuticals from Mung bean and Crimson Clover extract that improve its density and reduce sebum overproduction. All Energizing formulas also have essential oils of cinnamon, ginger and black pepper that have a stimulating and antioxidant action. This family that is part of the Naturaltech line, are free of parabens and sulfates and manufactured with the use of energy from renewable sources. The packaging is made of reused plastic or glass and the used paper is recycled FSC, without glues and paints with a high level of biodegradability. The CO2 emissions generated to produce the packaging are compensated through the regeneration of soils and forests. The suggested values for beauty salons in the São Paulo region: Energizing Shampoo (250ml: R $ 176.00); Energizing Gel (150ml: R $ 235.20); Energizing Superactive (100ml: R $ 673.60); Energizing Thickening Tonic (100ml: R $ 571.20); Energizing Seasonal Supetactive (100ml: R $ 673.60) SAC 11 2538 3667/ sac@davinesbrasil.com.br