OX develops hair line with 93% natural ingredients

OX desenvolve linha capilar com 93% de ingredientes naturais

Hair - April 19 2021

OX Cosméticos (Flora) developed the new line OX Plants, for the routine of daily hair care, with 93% of ingredients of natural origin. The launch hits the market in three versions - Moisturizes & Gives Shine, Nourishes & Grows and Takes Care of Scalp & Strengthens - formulated without the addition of sodium chloride (salt), sulfates (released for low poo and no poo), silicones, mineral oils , dyes and parabens, only essential components for the health and beauty of hair. Each version has shampoo, conditioner and 2 in 1 multifunctional cream, which can be used as a treatment mask and combing cream. The Hidrata & Dá Brilho variant, based on rose water, seals the cuticles of the threads, for hydrated hair, without frizz and with shine. Nutre & Gresce restores the strands with a mix of fruits and supernutritive oils and creates a protective layer that prolongs nutrition. The third treatment option, Take Care of Leather & Strengthens, regulates scalp oil and fortifies the bulb with green tea and prebiotics, in addition to hydrating the hair in a balanced way. All lines include the OX Beleza Duradoura System, exclusive technology for sequential and prolonged release of assets, which in the case of the OX Plants line is Hydrafence, comes from algae from the Atlantic Ocean, rich in calcium. The active provides hydration to the scalp and forms a protective film around the strands, to protect them from external aggressions. The fragrance of the line is Natural Accord - it mixes refreshing notes of green tea and citrus fruits with rose water, in addition to Patchouli oil produced in Indonesia in a sustainable way. "Every year, consumer interest in products with a high percentage of naturalness grows. In the new OX Plants line, we combine technology with the sustainable cultivation and extraction of natural and vegetable ingredients to create formulas with the minimum amount of chemical agents needed. to ensure the stability of the products, but not aggressive to the hair or the environment ", explains Cintia Fuchs, Director of Research and Development of Flora, manufacturer of OX. "Green tea, for example, is organic and has COSMOS certification, of organic and natural cosmetics", completes the executive. The packages have a contemporary design with bright colors. They are made of translucent recyclable plastic, to enhance transparent shampoos. All of them display the Vegano Certified seals, from the Brazilian Association of Veganism (ABV), and the eurocycle, for environmental compensation. In the case of OX Plants, the compensation is 100%, which means that, for each product offered for sale, an equivalent amount of material is recycled. "This partnership guarantees the correct destination of packaging waste and helps to reduce the impact on the environment," explains Daniela Pereira, from eureciclo. The new Ox Plants line is available in the main points of sale in the country and in the e-commerce of the brand www.compraflora.com.br for the suggested prices of: shampoo (200ml, R $ 10.29); conditioner (200ml, R $ 12.69) and treatment mask (300g, R $ 16.99). SAC: 0800 703 4071